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Exploring new ideas for urban sustainability at the Shanghai 2010 World Expo

2nd Asia-Europe Young Urban Leaders Dialogue (AEYULD): Transforming Lifestyles, Designing Sustainable Cities

The Shanghai 2010 World Expo, "Better City, Better Life", aims to bring people of the world together in cross-cultural interaction.  In the same spirit, ASEF took the opportunity to host the 2nd Asia-Europe Young Urban Leaders’ Dialogue at the Madrid Pavilion.  The AEYULD gathered over 29 young professionals from 26 ASEM countries to discuss key issues of urban sustainability.  Three participants shared some of their ideas on urban sustainability and their experiences during the workshop.

Huang Haibo, a coastal management expert who is a PhD candidate in Ireland, called for knowledge to be put into practice.  Belgian urban designer Ward Verbakel examined the Shanghai Expo as a city by itself, while Piotr Turkiewicz, an artistic director from Poland, examined the importance of having different perspectives.