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11th Asia-Europe Lecture Tour

Redress And International Criminal Justice In Asia And Europe: From The Tokyo Trials To The ICC

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04 Aug 05 - 15 Aug 05 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department Asia-Europe Lecture Tours Governance & Human Rights

Hanoi (Vietnam)
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Tokyo (Japan)
Seoul (Korea)
Shanghai (China)
Beijing (China)


In this lecture, speaker lIaria Bottigliero used examples from both Asia and Europe to outline how a lack of basic justice or redress for victims of major crimes ultimately undermines the rule of law, human security, and the full enjoyment of human rights. She discussed prospects and challenges for the better application of international standards on criminal justice and redress for such violations, with a particular focus on the potential role of the International Criminal Court.


Dr. lIaria Bottigliero, Lecturer, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Sweden.