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7th Asia-Europe Lecture Tour

Asia & Europe: Joining Forces For Multilateralism

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
02 Nov 04 - 11 Nov 04 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department Asia-Europe Lecture Tours Governance & Human Rights

Helsinki (Finland)
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Stockholm (Sweden)
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

"The lecture tours turned out to be one of my most rewarding academic experiences -- I was both a producer and a consumer in the sense that I delivered a speech while also learning a lot from the discussions. Every time I encountered a different audience there were different questions and this will be useful for my future research career." - Speaker Ruan Zongze.


This lecture tour series featured speaker Ruan Zongze, who used several case studies on multilateral co-operation in regional affairs to illustrate how multilateralism works in Asia, as well as the challenges and difficulties in promoting it.


Ruan Zongze, Vice-President, Chinese Institute of International Studies, Beijing.


Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki

Nordic International School for Humanities and Social Sciences

Amsterdam School for Social Science Research