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14th ASEF Classroom Network Conference #ASEFClassNet14

“Gender Equality: Reprogramming STEM Education”

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
27-30 November 2018 Angie Toh Education Department ASEF Classroom Network (ASEF ClassNet) Education

Helsinki & Espoo, Finland





Launched in 1998, the ASEF Classroom Network (ASEF ClassNet) fosters collaborations among secondary and high school teachers and students in Asia and Europe while harnessing the potential and opportunities of technology for education.


To-date, more than 1,400 teachers from 45 ASEM Partner countries have joined the ASEF Classroom Network. In addition, more than 32,000 students have been engaged in 398 school-to-school collaborations since 2001.


ASEF ClassNet comprises three activities:

1.  Annual ASEF ClassNet Conferences for teachers to share experiences, network and to enhance their professional skills


2.  ASEF ClassNet School Collaborations jointly developed and run by Asian and European schools on-site and online to facilitate and promote inter-cultural exchanges between teachers and students


3. ASEF ClassNet Website to connect schools and teachers through one online platform.


The 14th ASEF ClassNet Conference will take place from 27-30 November 2018 in Helsinki & Espoo, Finland, and focuses on the theme “Gender Equality Reprogramming STEM Education”. Finland and it’s world-famous progressive and innovative education system appears to be the perfect soil to host this conference that will bring together about 100 secondary, vocational and high school teachers and educators from up to 51 Asian and European countries to explore and share good practices on the field of gender equality and STEM education, as well as its  possible impact on the society. Core areas that will be addressed through a gender lense are: curriculum and pedagogy; institutional and national policies; role models. Participants will also have the opportunity to tie up with their peers to identify and plan future ASEF ClassNet School Collaborations.




The programme is built on 3 elements:


1.  Research & Enrichment

Expert talks and panel discussions on gender equality within education featuring teachers, educators, school leaders, policy makers and researchers to gain knowledge about the most up-to-date trends on current academic debates


2.  Training & Networking

Practical workshops and trainings from practitioners to place yourself and your school at the forefront of this development and extend your network

ASEF ClassNet Awards & Collaborations

Discover the most outstanding ASEF ClassNet collaborations from this year and find school partners for future co-operations and exchanges.



The Conference offers participants a platform to:

  • Meet local, national and international education practitioners and experts from 51 Asian and European countries
  • Become part of the creation of new networks between teachers, school leaders, researchers and edutech experts with possible spin-off activities
  • Increase knowledge and awareness, reflect and give feedback on methods, good practices theories and policies of gender equality and STEM education
  • Discuss the identification and mapping of competences required by educators to promote gender equality, by combating stereotypical biases and promoting gender neutral curriculums.



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ASEF's contribution is with the financial support of the European Commission.