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ASEF Cultural Grants 2004

Beyond Words 2004, Asia-Europe Dance Critics' Week

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
14 May 04 - 23 May 04 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department Culture

Dublin (Ireland)

`Beyond Words' took place in Dublin, Ireland from 14th-23rd May, 2004, during Asia-Europe's Dance Critic's Week, part of the International Dance Festival. This programme allowed six selected dance critics from Europe and Asia to follow eight days of performances and exchange with Irish dance critics, as well as with the audience.

The week's events culminated on 22nd May in both the publication of the broadsheet and a forum with members of the audience to discuss the festival, dance in Ireland and dance writing. This event, facilitated by Irish dance critic Helen Meany, was aimed at improving appreciation of dance criticism and contemporary dance both in Asia and Europe.

The selected dance critics were:

• Ms Dewi Ria Utari, Indonesia

• Mr Muto Daisuke, Japan

• Ms Konstanze Klementz, Germany

• Ms Natasha Hassiotis, Greece

• Mr Alongkom Parivudhiphongs, Thailand

• Ms Lis Hellstrom Sveningson, Sweden

Feedback from this first event was very encouraging: “It was culturally a very rich experience. Not only was I exposed to a variety of contemporary dances but I also learned a lot about criticism styles and developed networks with other professional critics” (Alongkorn Parivudhiphongs, Thailand).

“The personal level of communication that is possible in such an intimate group is far more enriching than any international panel discussion, because you get to know the individual commitments and ideas as well as the strategies of realising them and further more the infrastructural and practical specificity of every national working field. Especially in dance criticism which is still in a state of development, this is the most fruitful exchange.”

- Konstanze Klementz, Germany

This programme was supported by ASEF under its ASEF Cultural Grants Programme scheme.