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Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers 2003

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
04 Dec 03 - 08 Dec 03 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department Asia-Europe Forum For Young Photographers Culture

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

The Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers 2003 was held from 4th-8th December in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The forum provided a unique opportunity for 20 talented student and/or young professional photographers from Europe and Asia, to learn about the latest professional and business practices in the field of documentary photography in Asia and Europe.

Prominent photojournalists such as Jan Grarup (Denmark), Kadir van Lohuizon (the Netherlands), Lise Sarfati (France), and Geo magazine editor Sujong Song (Korea) were invited to give presentations and lead discussions. Three afternoons of fieldwork formed an integral part of the forum. The work produced during the forum was printed in a catalogue after the workshop and was followed by an exhibition in Amsterdam.

The young photographers were guided to document, through photographs, the theme `Migrations' in Amsterdam (Migrations and Roots; Migrations and City Landscape; Migrations and the Arts; Migrations and Children etc).

"There are numerous reasons, both positive and negative, for people to migrate to another country, another part of the world... More than often, negative results of migration tend to attract the attention of the media. Good news does not qualify as news. With this project, we intend to focus on the positive effects, both for the individual and society in general" - Said Marion Schut, one of the tutors and the person in charge of the assignments.

ASEF's contribution is with the financial support of the European Commission.

Funded by the European Union