Participants of the "Creative Producers Initiative Network (Asia-Europe)" meeting in Indonesia

ASEF supported a Satellite Meeting in Jakarta on the topic, “Creative Producers Initiative Network (Asia-Europe)”. The meeting was held on 14-20 June 2010, organised in collaboration with the 10th edition of Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF).

Throughout a number of working sessions and seminars, 16 representatives from private, non-profit and governmental performing arts organisations in Asia and Europe presented case studies presenting challenging and pertinent issues, and shared 'best practices'. During the meeting, participants stated a clear need to streamline the focus to forming an alliance between Asia-Europe and Asia-Asia that encourages 'creative producing' for independent dance/theatre stakeholders who function within limited information and resources.

As Jakarta is a dynamic site of artistic production, participants have visited artists’ rehearsal studios to observe works in progress and discuss the artists’ intentions, evolutions, challenges and inspirations. Participants also reflected and exchanged views on the dramaturgy of the works in progress and various arts management and policy concerns.

The meeting was one of the four selected projects of ASEF’s Asia-Europe Cultural Partnership Initiative (AECPI): Performing Arts programme. The programme was designed to respond to the gaps in Asia-Europe collaboration and exchange around issues of practice, networks and policy in contemporary performing arts. ASEF has established partnerships with local organisations and key festivals specialising in the performing arts to organise meetings on these issues.