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The Asia-Europe Comics Project: Asia-Europe Comics Meeting

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
30 Jul 06 - 31 Aug 06 Asia-Europe Foundation Communications Department Asia-Europe Comics Project Culture



This meeting-workshop brought together 12 artists from Asia and Europe to produce an Asia-Europe comics publication. Following the event, the artists worked together via a project website to produce a finished publication.

Comics are a powerful medium of communication that hold strong appeal and enjoy loyal followings in both Asia and Europe. Their appeal is aided by their portability -- one does not require a high level of education or IT skills to enjoy comics. Therefore the comics medium could be employed to reach audiences on both sides of the digital divide.

Further, the comics genre has untapped potential to enhance cross-cultural understanding. The Asia-Europe Comics Project made in-roads to promote awareness, mutual understanding, and dialogue on issues of common interest to Asia and Europe. Through this collaboration, a network of creators, artists, writers, and commentators was built, and the road paved for future Asia-Europe collaborations.


  • National Library Board
Funded by the European Union