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ASEF Cultural Grants 2004: Asian Film Festival

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10 Nov 04 - 14 Nov 04 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department Cinema Culture

Rome (Italy)

“I learned a lot from the other critics about the state of film criticism in their respective countries. I was right in my belief that the state of film criticism in the Philippines is very poor as compared to these other countries, but also learned of the limitations to space and content that these critics are faced with as well. The conclusion that I have deduced from my experience is that independent film criticism, much like independent filmmaking in Southeast Asia, is truly the way to go.” - Alexsis Tioseco, Philippines.


With the support of the ASEF Cultural Grants programme, six young film critics from Asia and Europe were selected to attend the Asian Film Festival in Rome, Italy. The film critics were:

- Zhou Quan (China)

- Junko Fukatsu (Japan)

- Alexis Tioseco (Philippines)

- Rizal Johan (Malaysia)

- Nick Bradshaw (UK)

- Philipp Engel (Spain)

The participants discussed the challenges faced by film critics, especially while defending independent cinema. They also joined a group of Italian film critics in a special public forum on film criticism, held on 11 November 2004 at Facolta'di Orientalistica, la Sapienza di Roma.


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