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UNESCO-AHPADA-ASEF Training Workshop

From Tradition To Innovation: Design Innovation Within Traditional Aesthetic Forms

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
15 Feb 04 - 19 Feb 04 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department ASEF Cultural Policy Project Culture

Ayuttayah (Thailand)


This workshop was organised within the framework of the UNESCO/AHPADA Seal Of Excellence For Handicraft Products in Southeast Asia. The Seal was established in 2001 as a quality control mechanism, as well as an international marketing device.

The workshop covered the following:

- An introduction to the Seal

- An analysis of the product and market situation in Southeast Asia

- An introduction to market demands and trends in different countries, including Europe and Japan

- Product presentation and quality control

- Sale and distribution

Participants were also given the opportunity to work with different base materials, and tasked to analyse and redesign sample products to respond to market trends and requirements in Europe, North America, and Japan. They were challenged to create products with unique and innovative designs without destroying their traditional basis.