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ASEF Cultural Grants 2002: 4th Deauville Asian Film Festival

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07 Mar 02 - 10 Mar 02 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department Cinema Culture

Deauville (France)


Six young directors were selected to travel to the 4th Deauville Asian Film Festival, courtesy of the ASEF's Cultural Grants Programme. The film festival has a tradition of showing Asian films to a European audience; it gave the directors increased exposure to Europe and helped further the understanding of cinema across the two continents.

The six young directors selected for the festival were:

- Kenneth Bi for "A Small Miracle" (Hong Kong, China)

- Akihiko Shiota for "Gips" (Japan)

- Ryuichi Hiroki for "Tokyo Trash Baby" (Japan)

- Amir Muhammad for "Lips To Lips" (Malaysia)

- Vincent Wong for "Hype" (Singapore)

- Son Jae-Goun for "The Man Who Watched Too Much" (Korea)

A press conference was held at the ASEF on 21 February 2002 with filmmaker Vincent Wong, also a graduate student in sociology and English literature at the National University of Singapore, and the Executive Director of ASEF, Ambassador Delfin Colome.


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