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ASEF Unplugged - Singapore - Centre42

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28 September 2019 Andrea ABELLON Culture Department ASEF Unplugged - Conversations on the Arts in Asia and Europe Culture

Centre 42
42 Waterloo Street, Singapore

 ASEF Unplugged: Conversations on the Arts in Asia and Europe

Why artists should continue to travel even these times of climate change

In partnership with Centre 42, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) organises an ASEF Unplugged in Singapore on the topic of mobility and sustainability. This conversation will feature 2 cultural mobility experts from Asia & Europe, and research fellow specialising in climate change.

There is no doubt that cultural mobility, or the temporary cross-border movement of artists and cultural professionals, is the backbone of international cultural cooperation. In fact, international travel is considered an integral part of the everyday work life of arts practitioners for professional cooperation and growth in an increasingly interconnected world.

However, we now live in the time of climate change and many stakeholders are calling for reduced travel, especially air travel. We also live in the time of increased tension between people and nations alike, and for many, the future is uncertain and fragile. Given these current situations, should we travel less, or should we, because of exactly these times we live in, travel more?

This ASEF Unplugged session will explore both ends of the spectrum of travel and sustainability: the funders' and the artists' point of view; the practical perspectives and the philosophical arguments; the changing natures of a global culture and recognition of the other, and a more holistic approach to sustainability – which oftentimes get reduced to a discussion about Co2 emissions.

Join us for an afternoon of conversation with Tay Tong (Singapore), Ferdinand Richard (France), and Melissa Low (Singapore) on Saturday, 28 September, 5-7 PM, at Centre42! The conversation will be moderated by Fatima Avila, Project Manager, ASEF. 



When & where:

Saturday, 28 September

5:00 -  7:00 PM

Centre 42, Singapore



Tay Tong 

Enabler & Cultural Worker



Ferdinand Richard

International Expert on Artists' Mobility



Melissa Low

Research Fellow, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore




Fatima Avila

Project Manager (Culture)

Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)


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