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ASEF Unplugged - Singapore - Centre42

Networks of Producing: Possibilities and Pitfalls

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Andrea ABELLON Culture Department ASEF Unplugged - Conversations on the Arts in Asia and Europe Culture

Centre 42 Black Box
42 Waterloo St
Singapore 187951

ASEF Unplugged: Conversations on the Arts in Asia and Europe

Networks of Producing: Possibilities and Pitfalls

With the growth and increasing professionalisation of arts ecosystems around the world in recent years, there has been a surge of attention paid to the role of the producer and the value of producing networks, with an accompanying rise in the number of performing arts markets, meetings, and network events, and producing platforms and organisations.

Whilst these network organisations play a vital role in advocacy, capability development, increasing artistic exchanges, opening touring opportunities, and bringing diverse practitioners together, there have also been questions raised about the role and power of the producer, and the extent to which such network organisations improve accessibility and distribution of opportunities for independent artists, or whether they reproduce the concentration of power and influence in the hands of a few.

In this ASEF Unplugged session, we look at different models of producer networks and producing organisations from the UK, Republic of Korea, and Singapore, and learn how they have responded to the conditions of art-making in their respective ecosystems.

How have models of producing and establishing networks for artists changed and evolved over the years, and how might they look in the future? What are the problems and pitfalls of having established networks and producing organisations, and what are the different ways they can work with artists sustainably and effectively?


When & where:

Saturday, 11 May 2019


Centre 42 Black Box

42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951



Judith Knight (United Kingdom)


Artsadmin UK


Jisun Park (Republic of Korea)

Executive Producer

Producer Group DOT


Cui Yin Mok (Singapore)

Organising Member

Producers SG



Fatima Avila

Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)





About Centre42:

Centre 42 is a non-profit theatre development space in Singapore, committed to the creation, documentation and promotion of texts and writings for the stage. As an intermediary in the Singapore performing arts scene, Centre 42 incubates original writing for production development; provides space and a supportive environment for artists and new work creation; and develops a functional archive documenting the histories and processes of Singapore theatre. More info:


About Producers SG:

Producers SG is a community network for independent producers, arts managers, and self-producing artists / artist-producers in Singapore. More info: 

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