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5th Asia-Europe Dance Forum

Pointe to Point

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
13 Nov 07 - 24 Nov 07 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department Pointe To Point, Asia-Europe Dance Forum Culture

Beijing (China)
Guizhou (China)

The 5th edition of Pointe to Point, Asia-Europe Dance Forum in Beijing & Guizhou Province, China from 13th-24th November, 2007, explored the relationships between tradition and contemporary, dance in urban and rural contexts, as well as the interaction between dance and music. This challenging twelve-day project aimed to provide an avenue for new inspirations, discoveries and to instigate questions.

Organised by ASEF and the China Dancers Association, the project gathered 12 choreographer and dancers together with six composer-improvisers from 14 ASEM countries. A team of Chinese and Dutch film documenters recorded closely the overall process. This recording was then be aired on CCTV3, CCTV9 and at the European Documentary Film festivals.

In Guizhou Province, the participants had the unique opportunity to undertake five-day research trip in a remote rural area where the Miao minority group lives and preserves its ancient traditions of dance and music. Following these inspiring observations and impressions from the community, the artists then carried a series of intensive workshops in Beijing, China. The artists' creative process received advice from choreographers Susan Buirge (France-USA) and Wen Hui (China) and composers Fabrizio Cassol (Italy-Belgium) and Joyce Koh (Singapore). Within 24 hours of the workshop, the artists were able to create pieces which were conceptually built on their experiences in Guizhou.

As one of the outcomes of the project, a public presentation was held at the Theatre of the China Arts Academy in Beijing on 24th November. This event was attended by more than 300 people, including Ambassador Lu Yongshou (ASEF Governor for China) and several embassies' representatives. The presentation encapsulated the artists' experiences and observations through their exploration of the Miao Minority. Additionally, observers Jan Goossens (Belgium), Seong Hee Kim (Korea) and Jiang Dong (China) presented their thoughts and comments on the whole process in a poetic way at the event.

Pointe-to-Point has attracted several Chinese media which commend the activity as an innovative project. As the follow-up of this project, ASEF will release a publication with a documentary film covering the whole process. Furthermore, all participants are exploring ways to continue to work together.