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I'mPULSE GOL, 2nd Asia-Europe Music Camp

A Gathering of Voices from Asia and Europe

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
09 Nov 05 - 17 Nov 05 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department I'mPULSE, Asia-Europe Music Camp Culture

Limerick (Ireland)

In 'I'mPulse GOL: A Gathering of Voices from Asia and Europe', traditional singers from both regions converged in Limerick, Ireland from 9th-17th November, 2005.

I'mPULSE is a programme of ASEF's Cultural Exchange sector, designed to provide a platform for young people to exchange their ideas on music. Its primary aim is to encourage fresh minds to pursue the development of their music concepts by learning from each other. This ASEF programme label, I'mPULSE, was coined to stress the individuality and spontaneity that is apparent amongst young musicians.

In its second round of the Asia-Europe music camp, ASEF in cooperation with the Irish World Music Centre, organised ;I'mPULSE GOL' with the aim of "celebrating the human voice in traditional culture in the contemporary world." During this period, 11 participants from 9 countries namely: China, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Philippines, Sweden and Thailand, presented their traditional singing style; learned different songs/tunes from Asia and Europe; and examined the similarities and/or differences apparent in the traditional vocal style of their counterparts under the guidance of music experts Dr John Purser (United Kingdom) and Dr Tran Quang Hai (Vietnam/France).

The camp Board of Artistic Directors was formed by Professor Micheal Suilleabhain (Chair), Dr Helen Phelan, Sandra Joyce, Niall Keegan, and Oscar Mascarenas.


Funded by the European Union