The Asia Europe Economic Forum (AEEF) will meet for the 2nd conference this year, 28-29 October in Beijing, China. This AEEF conference will bring together top economists to examine the latest economic challenges facing Asia and Europe. The conference will analyse issues such as the sovereign debt problems, monetary policy and exchange rate policy, the Eurozone crisis, the new WTO agenda and regional trade negotiations, and finally the latest prospects for the Chinese economy and its impact across Asia.

The AEEF is a dialogue forum consisting of a consortium of top economic think-tanks and institutions in Asia and Europe. The AEEF links experts and policy-makers from Asia and Europe to encourage more informed policy decisions.

The AEEF consortium includes the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), Bertelsmann Stiftung, Bruegel (overall secretariat), Centre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales (CEPII), Institute of World Economic and Politics – Chinese Academy for Social Sciences, and Korea University.

Click here to view the report from the previous AEEF conference, ‘Deleveraging and Global Growth’.

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