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3rd ASEF Young Leaders Summit #ASEFYLS3

Ethical Leadership

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
15-19 October 2018 Nathalie Sajda Education Department ASEF Young Leaders Summit Education

Brussels, Belgium



Since the inaugural edition of the ASEF Young Leaders Summit (ASEFYLS), the forum has invited over 200 students and young professionals from all 51 ASEM partner countries. In 2018, the programme returns to the heartbeat of its existence: to understand, define and develop leadership among young people – by young people.

The 3rd ASEF Young Leaders Summit (ASEFYLS3) is dedicated to the topic of Ethical Leadership. The forum investigates 3 critical levels of leadership, namely:

You: Self-leadership
We: Team leadership
All: Societal leadership

These 3 levels are at the core of the conversations, action-planning, learning experiences and networking of ASEFYLS3, all integrated in the 10-angle focus of the topic:

1. Culture
2. Economy and Finance
3. Education
4. Environment
5. Family
6. Media
7. Politics
8. Religion and Spirituality
9. Science and Technology
10. Sports

ASEFYLS3 adapts a 360° approach to leadership which recognises the very act of leading to be present across all spectrums of society—from home, to the classroom, in a business meeting to the streets. ASEFYLS3 is for young people who are willing to critically reflect, re-imagine and shape the notion of leadership — starting from themselves, within their communities and on an Asia-Europe scale.  

Are you ready to dissect and reconstruct the meaning of leadership?

Join us at ASEFYLS3 in Brussels, Belgium this October to find out! 



The 3rd edition of ASEFYLS moves beyond the conference borders. The participants of ASEFYLS3 will join a 5-step programme:


Initial insights on the topic and the 10 thematic angles through webinars and group/individual tasks.

This year we make the webinars open for the whole ASEFEdu community – join our thought-tickling conversations online! Streamed on our ASEFEdu Facebook page .

On-site at ASEFYLS3:

The core element of ASEFYLS3 is for the participants to develop ideas, project and commitments in the form of spin-off activities linked to leadership and sustainable development in local communities and collaboratively with the ASEFYLS3 peers.

Networks triggers movements! ASEFYLS3 has enhanced its networking element among the participants, speakers, facilitators and partners. ASEFYLS3 will expand your professional and private group of connections.

ASEFYLS is always at a close proximity to the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) political process. ASEFYLS3 is aligned with the 12th ASEM Summit (ASEM12), where the youth voice and commitments will be voiced out at ASEM12 and other relevant Ministerial Meetings.

ASEFYLS3 promotes the leadership of paying forward. ASEFYLS3 alumni will be supported in rolling out ideas and initiatives to spread their talent and work beyond the ASEFYLS framework. 



15-19 October 2018

In conjunction with the
12th ASEM Summit


Brussels, Belgium


No registration or participation fee. The organisers will
provide participants with travel 
subsidy, accommodation 
and meals



We mapped the proposed spin-off ideas which we culled during the Open Call period. Click below to view the mind-map of our selected participants' ideas.




Psst! Want to get a feel of the previous 2 editions of ASEFYLS? Roll over to the right side of the page and have a glimpse of our picture and video testimony. 



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