ASEF Creative Networks encourages collaborations among networks in order to reinforce the dialogue between cultural professionals from Asia and Europe. Through this programme, ASEF seeks to strengthen its role as a connector between cultural networks of the two regions over the past 15 years. The programme draws from the positive experiences gained through the successful work of the Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships Between Asia and Europe and will be based on a similar selection and funding model.

Eligible candidates for this programme include representatives of existing and/or emerging cultural/artistic networks, at national, regional, sub-regional or bi-regional levels. Proposals will be selected according to their relevance in the framework of ASEF’s mission, the financial commitment of involved partners, and ability to raise ASEF’s visibility within the cultural sector. The implementation of new bi-regional networks and the expansion of Asian/European networks to the other region will be particularly encouraged. Selected partners will receive partial financial contributions from ASEF.

ASEF intends to develop ASEF Creative Networks as a long-term programme to promote sustainable connections among the cultural communities of Asia and Europe, and by notably by supporting collaborative projects and activities.


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