ASEF Journalists' Seminar


The ASEF Journalists’ Colloquium, which was first held in 1998, gathers top practicing and experienced journalists and experts from Asia and Europe for a closed-door, informal meeting to discuss important issues of common concern and its related media challenges.

The Colloquium offers an opportunity for journalists to come together to share their experiences and perspectives as media professionals from national and regional levels in a direct exchange with their regional counterparts. Journalists will get to discuss their work on specific thematic issues, such as  environment and sustainable development, economy and society, and other themes aligned with the ASEM agenda.

The ASEF Journalists' Colloquium is organised in conjunction with the ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meetings, held every two years alternating between Asia and Europe.

In 2013, the ASEF Journalists' Colloquium programme was merged with the Asia-Europe Journalists' Seminar, which broadens the diversity of participants and enriches the existing Colloquim format.

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