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ASEM Outlook Report 2012: Volume 1

Asia-Europe Relations at a Glance

Published: 2012
Price: Free
Editor: Sol Iglesias & Luk Van Langenhove
ISBN: 978-981-07-4422-9
Pages/Weight: 148
Related project: Asia Europe Relations - 30 Years in the Future

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In understanding the relationship between Asia and Europe, perceptions and quantitative indicators offer separate but complementary sets of insights. The “Facts and Figures” section of this volume provides data that will enable the reader to understand the political and socio-economic conditions in Asia and Europe as well as the commonalities and differences between the two regions.

The themes that are coveredin this section include: population; migration and labour; research& development, information and communication technology; public health; the economy; the environment; security and conflict; as well as other social issues.

Perceptions matter, not only as a basis for understanding one another but as a foundation upon which policy decisions can be made. They provide unique insights to allow policy makers to determine the expectations of others and thus allow for more nuanced policies linked to external relations and public diplomacy. In “Perceptions Matter! — Views from Asia and Europe”, we explore the perceived relationship between Asia and Europe.

This volume also provides the context within which to interpret the analysis in Volume 2 of the report, “Foresight is 20/20: Scenario Building for Policy Analysis and Strategy Development”.