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High-level Meeting on Risk Communications for Public Health Emergencies:

“How Can We Include Migrants and Ethnic Minorities?”

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
10-11 October 2018 Riko KIMOTO Sustainable Development & Public Health ASEF Public Health Network Public Health

Paris, France

In 2018, the Asia-Europe Foundation and the Santé publique France jointly host the “High-level Meeting on Risk Communications for Public Health Emergencies" with a special focus on how to reach special population, including migrants and ethnic minorities.

Objectives of the High-level Meeting


The overall aim of this High-level Meeting is to strengthen countries’ capacity to support Emergency Risk Communication (ERC) for Public Health Emergencies (PHE), especially in relation to migrants and ethnic minorities. It will explore difficulties related to migrants/ethnic minority groups at the time of PHE. The High-level Meeting intends to identify possible obstacles to include migrants and ethnic minorities in ERC and develop strategies to communicate risks to such population before, during and after PHE.


Specific Objectives

  • To identify difficulties to inform diverse population about PHE
  • To  discuss possible solutions to include migrants and ethnic minorities in ERC
  • To  develop recommendations on actions needed to inform migrants and ethnic minorities about PHE


Target Audience

The High-level Meeting will address 3 target audiences: 1) senior-level officials who work in the area of migrants and ethnic minorities, 2) government officials in charge of health emergency communication, and 3) migrants’ health experts. More specifically:

  • Senior-level officials, advisors, and/or other decision-makers from ASEM Partners’ Ministry of Health or equivalent
  • Chief/directors of ASEM Partners’ national health agencies or equivalent
  • Spokesperson/senior-level media personnel from ASEM Partners’ Ministries of Health or equivalent
  • Representatives of international organisations and NGOs


Expected outcomes

The High-level Meeting will foster the exchange of good practices in establishing and improving on PHE risk communications processes between Europe and Asia. A meeting report summarising the key recommendations and conclusions will be developed.


  • Santé publique France
This project is sponsored by the Government of Japan.