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21st ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU21)

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
2 weeks in January and February 2018 Oscar BOIJE Education Department ASEF Summer University Education

Australia & New Zealand

Join us Down-Under!

Challenge yourself at the ASEFSU21 in Australia and New Zealand


The ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU) is a 2-week experiential learning journey and “Interdisciplinary Innovathon” for Asian and European students and young professionals. Designed to foster cross-cultural exchanges and networks among youth, it offers opportunities for students and young professionals to broaden their horizons, deepen their knowledge on contemporary issues, and propose concrete solutions to societal challenges.


ASEFSU21 will be conducted under the theme "Youth with Disabilities: Shaping accessible ASEM societies" and it consists of a mix of practical team exercises, thought-provoking lectures, group research and experiential learning. Participants will develop a strong understanding for the issues faced by youth with disabilities and become active ambassadors for open and inclusive ASEM societies.


The ASEFSU21 will cover 8 thematic areas:

  1. Mobility
  2. Rights Protection and Legislation
  3. Economic Security and Employment
  4. Inclusive Education
  5. Health and Well-Being
  6. Participation in Society
  7. Access to Information
  8. Attitudes and Perceptions

With members diverse in background and experiences, the ASEFSU21 Challenge Teams will in a practical and engaging way tackle 8 real challenges faced by youth with disabilities. These challenges are identified in cooperation with local and international Challenge Partners and the proposed solutions will be put to test and made available for the benefit of youth with disabilities globally.


The ASEFSU21 will consist of 2 phases:


Phase 1: Online Preparatory phase (ca. 6 weeks)

In the Online Preparatory phase participants will actively take part in a MOOC-like experience, including webinars and online crash courses to familiarise with the topics of the project. Participants will also be assigned individual and group exercises which require a commitment of 2–3 hours per week.


Phase 2: "Interdisciplinary Innovathon" in Australia and New Zealand (ca. 2 weeks)

The on-site phase will be filled with active training sessions, quality lectures and exciting study visits where the participants will discover and deepen their knowledge on the shaping of inclusive ASEM societies. The Challenge Teams will also present their innovative solutions on the 8 respective ASEFSU21 Challenges assigned to them as well as schedule meetings with representatives of government, academia, the private sector and civil society to present their outcomes.


Phase 3: Spin-off activities and launching prototypes

All prototypes developed on site – analogue and digital – will be analysed and tested after the project by the relevant stakeholders and communities engaged in ASEFSU21.


When? 6-week Online Preparatory phase (November 2017 - January 2018) and 2-week On-site phase (January-February 2018)

Where? Australia and New Zealand

For whom? 18-30 year old students and young professionals from ASEM countries

Accessible? The ASEFSU21 is an accessible project and efforts will be made to accommodate all individuals

Costs? There is no registration or participation fee. The organisers will provide participants with travel subsidies, accommodation and meals


For inspiration, click here to see the outcomes of the 20th ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU20).


Stay tuned:

The Open Call will be launched shortly!