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Transbaikal State University: local partner in Chita, Russian Federation, for ASEFSU20

20th ASEF Summer University #ASEFSU20

Why is Transbaikal State University engaged in ASEFSU20?

Transbaikal State University is a multi-educational, scientific and innovative complex, providing a multi-level training of highly qualified specialists for industry, governmental/municipal authorities and law structures in the area of Transbaikal region, Far East and Eastern Siberia.


The university has more than 60 international agreements and contracts. Among international partners of are universities and organizations in China, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Mongolia, Germany, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova. In 2015, more than 120 of our students went abroad for trainings, internships as well as to participate in various competitions. The vast majority of these activities were possible thanks to new bilateral agreements. Today about 15 lecturers from the university are working abroad, and we have currently 5 foreign teachers working here in Chita. Also, as of June 2016, the university has 2014 foreign students enrolled. Moreover, the university holds a leading position among all the high education institutes in the Siberian Federal District.


The Transbaikal State University holds an interesting geopolitical position that allows an intersection of contacts between the Russian Federation, China and Mongolia to be possible. In short: the university is one of the largest scientific and educational complex in the Russian-Chinese-Mongolian transboundary.


What do you hope to gain from the project?

This summer the Transbaikal State University is glad to welcome international youth guests from over 48 countries. It is not only a great honour to host the participants of ASEFSU20, but we also see the exceptional opportunity to establish new contacts and expand the geographic reach of our scientific and educational ties. The project is a great opportunity both to get acquainted with the work of various international organizations as well for our university to showcase our work, students and academics to an international crowd. We are committed to welcome the ASEFSU20 delegates to Chita and work diligently to arrange a comfortable and fruitful stay.


What will the ASEFSU20 participants learn from the visit in Chita?

Many, including native Russians, are not aware of where Chita is situated, or has the perception that Chita is a small provincial town with little attractions. ASEFSU20 will showcase that our town has much to offer! During the Summer University, the participants will have the opportunity to learn and experience the multicultural Transbaikal region and get acquainted with the huge and rich cultural heritage of Chita – the capital of the Transbaikal region.


The location of our city has throughout a long history crossed paths with the trade and exchanges between Russia, China and Mongolia. This history and contemporary reality is very much reflected in today’s local population. We look forward to meet all the individuals involved in ASEFSU20 and welcome them warmly to our hometown.


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