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ASEF attends the Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies | Res Artis General Meeting 2012 | Tokyo

Mobility Funding Guides on International Cultural Exchange in 51 ASEM countries

The Asia-Europe Foundation’s Cultural Exchange team will participate to the Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies / Res Artis General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, from 26 to 28 October 2012.

For the first time in 14 years, the Res Artis event will focus on Asia where new opportunities and ideas are taking shape, and where collaborations between museums, biennales, universities, and municipalities are increasing. It will also take a closer look at the supporting role of culture towards the recovery of the disaster-stricken Tohoku region in Northeast Japan.

Acting Deputy Director of Cultural Exchange, Anupama Sekhar, will take part in the Cultural Policy on Creative Platform session, and Project Manager, Valentina Riccardi will make a presentation on the recently published guides on funding opportunities for international cultural exchange in Asia. The guides cover 18 countries in Asia and are the result of a research conducted with the support of the Korea Arts Management Service-KAMS, Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication-PARC, Tokyo Performing Arts Market-TPAM and Arts Network Asia-ANA.