Join us for a 2-week experience-intensive journey!

The 20th ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU20) on Gateways to Asia and Europe: Connectivity by Land, Sea and Air” is for those who are hungry to explore the role of transportation and trade in connecting Asia and Europe – in the past, present and future. Be a part of the Asia-Europe team of young professionals and students, who will travel together for 2 weeks across China, the Russian Federation and Mongolia.

ASEFSU20 leverages on the accelerating social and economic linkages between the 2 dynamic continents. The journey passes through emerging economic corridors in these 3 countries where you will meet and learn from local communities and take upon real-scenario challenges on road, rail, maritime, and air transportation. ASEFSU20 bridges the participants with government officials, civil society and cooperates and offers a top-tier environment for professional and personal development.

Experience first-hand Asia-Europe connectivity on the go! ASEFSU20 is your opportunity to apply your skills and add on an once-in-a-lifetime educational expedition!

When? 2 weeks at the end of August/beginning of September 2016
Where? Various cities in China, the Russian Federation and Mongolia

Costs? No registration or participation fee for the selected participants!

Transportation, accommodation and meals? Provided during the duration of the trip.

Travel subsidy? From country of residence to the starting point and back will be available.
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The application period for this project is closed.