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Regional Mechanisms of Communicable Disease Control in Asia and Europe

ASEF Report

Published: December 2013
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ISBN: 978-981-07-7642-8
Related project: ASEF Public Health Network: Expert Meeting: Regional Integration and Infectious Diseases

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Regional policies and programmes on communicable disease prevention and control are an important component of global public health. The consolidation of projects of political and economic co-operation in Asia and Europe has created institutional platforms for the shaping of public health policies and programmes beyond national borders. The ASEF Public Health Network commissioned a research to gain an understanding of these developments, including an overview of institutional mechanisms for Asia-Europe cross-regional co-operation. This report contains a comparative analysis of the policies, legal frameworks and organisational structures that are in place and it includes a description of the political context in both regions, the main actors, and an overview of the achievements, key issues and gaps. In addition, it maps out the exchanges that are taking place between the two regions and provides recommendations collaborative research and co-operation in the future.