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Asia in the Eyes of Europe

Images of a Rising Giant

Published: 2012
Price: €54
Editor: Sebastian Bersick, Michael Bruter, Natalia Chaban, Sol Iglesias, Ronan Lenihan
Publisher: Nomos
ISBN: 978-3-8329-7578-4
Status: available from 1st July
Pages/Weight: 316
Related project: Asia in the Eyes of Europe

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Using brand new data derived from a media analysis, public opinion survey and interviews of media professionals in eight EU countries this study shows how much the European media speak of Asia and its actors, what image they convey of it and why. 

Carried out during 2010 and 2011 in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom, the Asia in the Eyes of Europe research project utilised a unique methodology to gauge the wider perception of Asia. The study has culminated in a daily analysis of 29 different media outlets across Europe, the survey of over 6,000 public respondents and interviews with over 100 top European newsmakers.

The findings of the publication provide a detailed picture of how Europeans view Asia and what they want relationships between their country and Asia to focus on.