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Go Home – 12 Moving Stories

Published: 2009
Price: 20 SGD
Publisher: Rojak City Pte Ltd
ISBN: 978-981-08-0906-5
Status: Available

Recognising the importance of comics both as a communication tool and an artistic genre, ASEF initiated the Asia-Europe Comics Project in 2006. The first edition of this project took place in Singapore, where 12 comic artists gathered to meet and create a series of comics based on the theme of migration. Since this inaugural meeting, there had been two successful series of comic workshops and exhibitions in London and Kyoto, which brought together nearly 50 comic artists and experts from Asia and Europe. Learn more about the Asia-Europe Comics Project…

A follow-up of the first installment of Asia-Europe Comics Project, Go Home: 12 Moving Stories focuses on the theme of migration in the modern world. In this unique anthology, some of the most innovative young comic artists from Asia and Europe confront what it means to be on the move, by choice or by force. Brought together by Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) with the aim of using comics to promote greater cross-cultural understanding, these artists represent 12 different approaches to the theme of migration, mixing in their own brand of artistic ideas and techniques. Funny, charming and poignant, Go Home: 12 Moving Stories serves as a reminder that ultimately home is wherever we choose it to be.

The publication is available for sales at selected bookstores. We welcome enquiries to distribute this publication.

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