To make comprehensive and up-to-date information on arts and culture in Asia and Europe easily and publicly accessible, ASEF supports the development of the research platform, WorldCP-International Database of Cultural Policies.

The WorldCP-International Database of Cultural Policies is an international database and searchable website of country-specific profiles of arts and cultural policies, issues and trends. WorldCP aims to enhance public access to reliable national and international cultural policy information. It is modelled on the highly-regarded Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe

ASEF particularly supports the research of national cultural profiles of Asian ASEM member countries through the WorldCP-Asia initiative. The Secretariat for WorldCP-Asia is located at ASEF since 2011.

Through the WorldCP-Asia initiative, national cultural profiles are being commissioned in Asian ASEM member countries. Currently, three country profiles have been launched: India, South Korea and Viet Nam. The profiles of Mongolia and Singapore are currently being written while the profiles of Cambodia and the Philippines were commissioned in 2015. Each profile is researched and written by national experts. All country profiles are presented in a consistent format to enable comparative analysis. Profiles are presented in English and where possible, in the native language of the country.

The research component is complemented by a series of Experts' Meetings that facilitate dialogue between researchers and government officials. Previous Experts' Meetings have been held in Wroclaw, Poland (2015), Hanoi, Viet Nam (2013), Seoul, Korea (2011) and Melbourne, Australia (2011).