Arts and Culture plays an important role to reinforce understanding between Asia and Europe. ASEF undertakes innovative programmes in cultural cooperation, sustaining...

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Education is central to the development of the individual and the progress of society at large. ASEF has initiated several programmes that strengthen...

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Sustainable Development

Environment and sustainable development issues have climbed to the top of the international agenda in recent years, given the need to change the global system...

  • 5th Regional Conference on SDG12

      The 5th CLMV Regional Conference will focus on challenges related to the complexity of SDG12 implementation in Cambodia,...

  • ENVforum Annual Conference 2019

    The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) marked a significant...

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ASEF activities under the Economy theme focus on the impact of the crisis on society, engaging representatives from government and civil society in a collective...

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Countries in Asia and Europe have different political systems. There is much to gain from sharing their experiences in dealing with challenges faced in their...

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Public Health

ASEF aims to establish the ASEF Network for Public Health, a bi-regional platform for enhanced collaboration on health-related issues between Asia and Europe.

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Intercommunal Dialogue

Religion remains a powerful societal force in many parts of the world. These tensions arise not only in an inter-faith or intra-faith context, but also between...

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ASEF’s projects advance the priorities of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), which are relevant to both regions. Our projects cover 7 broad themes, and take the form of conferences, lecture tours, workshops, seminars, web-based platforms and book, CD and DVD publications.

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