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  • 19th ASEF University (AU19)

    12 days in 2015 • Asia (tbc)

    AU19 aims to broaden students' and young professionals' horizons on the role of cultural heritage in the process of sustainable urbanisation and its relevance to modern-day societies.

  • 14th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights

    4th quarter of 2014 • Asia

    The theme for the 14th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights will be “Human Rights and Business”. Organised from 18 - 20 November 2014, this 3-day meeting will bring together about 125 participants from a balanced mix of relevant ASEM official representatives and civil society. The seminar series is co-organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF); the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (nominated...

  • 7th ASEF Experts' Meeting & Public Forum: Creative Economy in Asia and Europe

    • The Netherlands

    Creative economy is now widely recognised as a significant contributor to the world economy with high growth opportunities.The development of the creative economy brings about transformation that is much beyond purely the economic dimension.Taking forward the discussions from the 6th ASEF Experts' Meeting and Public Forum held in December 2013 in Hanoi, Vietnam, the 7th ASEF Experts' Meeting and Public...

  • 7th ASEF Editors’ Roundtable

    • 15-17 October 2014 (tbc)

    The ASEF Editors’ Roundtable programme, first launched in 1997 in Luxembourg, gathers senior editors of major print or broadcast media to exchange perspectives on current affairs which are pertinent to Asia and Europe. The Roundtable is often organised at the side-lines of ASEM Summits. Its agenda focuses on salient issues which may also be discussed under the Summit agenda. The 7th ASEF Editors’...

  • Model ASEM

    October 2014 (tbc) • Milan, Italy (tbc)

    Model ASEM is a simulation of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and aims to promote awareness and create a deeper understanding of the ASEM process among promising student leaders from Asia and Europe through their participation ina a discussion format inspired by the ASEM dialogue.  The topics discussed are based on the agenda of the actual ASEM Summit. Through role-play, participants learn the...

  • 4th ASEM Rectors' Conference and Students' Forum (ARC4)

    23-26 September 2014 • Bangkok, Thailand

    Overview: ASEF will organise the 4th ASEM Rectors’ Conference and Students’ Forum (ARC4) on 25-26 September 2014, in partnership with the ASEAN University Network (AUN), International Association of Universities (IAU), Chulalongkorn University (CU) and the Officer of Higher Education Commission (OHEC) Thailand. ARC4 will address the priorities laid out in the Chair’s Conclusions of the 4th...

  • 13th Academic Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    3rd Quarter 2014 • Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

    The ASEF University Alumni Network (ASEFUAN)'s annual Academic Conference brings together ASEFUAN members and selected non-ASEFUAN participants. Through expert presentations and panel discussions on a selected ASEM priority, the participants will share and learn about, and further develop best practices and case studies. The multi-stakeholder platform is an opportunity to build up and reinforce...

  • Climate Change Negotiation for Policy Makers from ASEAN Member Countries

    18-19 June 2014 • Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

    A training and negotiation simulation facilitated by the ENVforum and its partner organisations.

  • Workshop on “Strengthening National Risk Communications Capacity for Managing Public Health Emergencies”

    June 2014 (tbc) • Asia (tbc)

    From 2010 to 2013, the ASEF Public Health Network implemented the Asia-Europe Foundation - Accurate Scenarios Active Preparedness (ASEF-ASAP) project to strengthen multi-sector pandemic preparedness. The project utilised a scenario approach to address the uncertainty of future pandemics and assess the existing pandemic preparedness mechanisms in likely future settings. In this process, a series of...

  • Asia-Europe Economic Forum Conference 2014

    15 - 16 May 2014 • Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany

    The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), has linked up with a consortium of top think tanks in both Asia and Europe to organise the Asia Europe Economic Forum (AEEF) programme. ASEFs involvement will last for 2 years and will support 3 conferences throughout 2013 and 2014. Established in 2006, the AEEF serves as a high level forum, offering Asian and European policy experts a platform for in-depth research-based...

  • Study on Sustainable Development Goals in ASEM Countries

    January 2014 - April 2014 • Singapore

    The Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVforum) conducted a research project to identify the methodology based on existing best practices in sustainable development with particular relevance for the creation of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Specifically, the project proposes options for the creation of SDGs as well as possible sustainable development indicators (SDIs) based on experiences both...

  • ASEF Classroom Network: Project Implementation and Evaluation

    Jan - Dec 2014 • Various ASEM Countries

    Launched in 1998, the ASEF Classroom Network (ASEF ClassNet) provides opportunities for collaborative learning and intercultural exchanges through the use of ICT among secondary and high schools in ASEM countries. In 2014 the ASEF ClassNet will include the following core activities: 1)  Implementation of new ASEF ClassNet Projects over a period of 5 to 9 months (submitted online by the members...

  • ASEF Outlook 2014 Workshop

    3rd Quarter of 2014 • Europe (TBC)

    The ASEF Outlook project will provide a valuable opportunity to review the current state of Asia-Europe relations and to pick up on priority issues as set down in the leaders’ statements. The ASEF Outlook report will provides research based analysis on the current state of relations between Asia and Europe and is a useful tool for practitioners and researchers interested in ASEM. In addition, the...

  • ASEMUS Exchange of Museum Educators Grant Programme

    The ASEMUS Exchange of Museum Educators Grant Programme enhances the professional development of museum educators in Asia and Europe, and strengthens cultural understanding between the two regions.   The programme seeks to develop a broader knowledge and understanding about Asian and European cultures, share best practices in museum education between partner-museums, and develop capacity in...

  • Asia-Europe Public Diplomacy Training Initiative

    June 2013- January 2015 • Asia and Europe

    The Asia-Europe Public Diplomacy Training Initiative has been undertaken to strengthen the capacity of young diplomats from the ASEM region to engage with public perceptions in Asia and Europe. It provides practical tools and guidelines to conduct public diplomacy campaigns to improve their country’s image, interact with relevant stakeholders and inform the larger public of shifts in foreign policy.

  • Online Community is a portal initiated by the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and managed by the Culture Department at the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). Its aim is to stimulate the cultural engagement between Asia and Europe, and enhance greater understanding between the two regions. Created for and fuelled by artists, cultural practitioners and policy makers, is a platform...

  • is a sub-site of ASEF's cultural portal It enables professionals working in the film industry to share relevant information with a particular emphasis on Asian and European independent cinema. The website covers different programmes and opportunities that are available to young filmmakers and film producers who want to strengthen their exposure and collaborations...

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