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Culture Department



ASEF promotes cultural co-operation between Asia and Europe that is based on fair exchange and reciprocity. It provides information and policy analysis through an arts website, It supports face-to-face encounters and opportunities for mutual learning among artists and cultural professionals in the two regions through travel grants, capacity building and peer-to-peer conversations. It also facilitates multi stakeholder dialogue between civil society and government agencies responsible for culture, via the ASEM Process and at UNESCO. 

Our key areas of work are:

1) Providing Digital Access to Information 

       A website offering up-to-date information on arts, culture and heritage from 51 countries in Asia and Europe

2) Supporting mutual cultural practice

       A travel grant for artists and cultural professionals in Asia and Europe 

        A capacity building initiative/workshop series for young cultural professionals in Asia and Europe 

2) Facilitating conversations

       An event-series facilitating informal conversations among cultural professionals on topics of mutual relevance


In addition, we also facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue between government agencies responsible for culture and civil society. This is done at the ASEM level - at ASEM Culture Ministers' Meetings - and at the global level, via UNESCO.


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