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Culture Department


The appreciation for cultural diversity is a fundamental objective of the bi-regional dialogue between Asia and Europe, and calls for different forms of exposure, exchange and creativity. In this regard, ASEF’s Culture Department carries out its work in different areas, ranging from the promotion of cultural dialogue and research opportunities, to the support of cultural networks and platforms. Through its wide range of multilateral programmes, it seeks to fulfil the expectations of the cultural communities of Asia and Europe, while aligning with the priorities of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).

Our Goals

Our Work

We carry out our work in different areas, ranging from cultural policy dialogue to cultural networks, platforms and artistic exchanges. Our projects and activities allow people with different backgrounds to dialogue and to cooperate in the various fields of arts and culture, while exploring various forms of creativity and cultural practices through different platforms and tools.

In terms of formats and outcomes, our projects and activities include:

Current programmes

In the field of cultural policy dialogue, the Culture Department aims to stimulate analysis and engagement that reflect current political debates in Asia and Europe, as well as demonstrate verifiable alignment with the priorities of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). 

Our programmes are:

In the area related to platforms and networks, the Culture Department’s programmes encourage the exchange of knowledge, information and experience on issues related to the role of culture in society.

Our programmes are:

Recent Publications

Enabling Crossovers: Good Practices in the Creative Industries (2014)
A compilation of 36 good practices in the creative industries across Asia and Europe that showcases examples of policy and practice that may serve as inspiration for networking, collaboration and policy making.

Mobility Funding Guides for International Cultural Exchange (2014)
A compilation of 49 country guides providing up-to-date information on funding schemes available for cultural professionals in Asia and Europe.

Team Members