Past Editions of the ASEF University Programme

ASEF University Date Co-Organizers Theme
1st ASEF University Reutlingen, Germany 12 – 24 Jul 1998 Research Institute, German Society for Foreign Policy (DGAP) Asia, Europe and the Challenges of Globalisation
2nd ASEF University Beijing, China 22 Aug – 5 Sep 1999 Centre for Overseas Exchange, Beijing University Asia and Europe: Towards a Better Mutual Understanding
3rd ASEF University Lund, Sweden 6 – 19 Aug 2000 Lund University Asia and Europe: Regional Cooperation in a Globalising World
4th ASEF University Pasir Ris, Singapore 14 – 27 Jan 2001 National University of Singapore Social Changes in Asia and Europe in the Age of Globalisation
5th ASEF University Arrabida, Portugal 22 Jul – 4 Aug 2001 Fundação Oriente Universidade Aberta Integration or Disintegration of the Modern World? Experiences in Europe and Asia
6th ASEF University Bangkok, Thailand 27 Jul – 11 Aug 2002 Centre for European Studies, Chulalongkorn University Asia and Europe: Towards Greater Inter-Cultural Exchanges
7th ASEF University Barcelona, Spain 10 – 24 Nov 2002 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Fundació CIDOB, Casa Asia Regionalism in Asia and Europe and Implications for Asia-Europe Relations
8th ASEF University Coventry, the United Kingdom 7 – 21 Sep 2003 Center for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, University of Warwick The Future of International Order: Unilateralism or Multilateralism or What?
9th ASEF University Manila, the Philippines 1 – 14 Feb 2004 Ateneo de Manila University, John Gokongwei School of Management Asia-Europe Economic Partnership: Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises in a Changing Global Environment
10th ASEF University Tokyo, Japan 22 May – 5 Jun 2004 Keio University Enlarging European Union and Asia
11th ASEF University Paris, France 12 – 26 Feb 2005 Asia-Europe Centre Institut d’Etudes Politiques Liberty, Security and the New Global Order
12th ASEF University Brunei Darussalam 9 – 12 Jul 2005 Universiti Brunei Darussalam Asia-Europe Asia-Europe Co-operation on the Environment: Towards Sustainable Forest Management
13th ASEF University Leiden, the Netherlands 1 – 14 Jul 2006 Leiden University International Institute for Asian Studies Cross-cultural Perspectives on the International Legal Order in the 21st Century
14th ASEF University 31 Aug – 8 Sep Universidad Complutense Madrid Achieving Human Security: Inter-Regional Co-operation and Global