List of Participants

The 15th ASEF University (AU15) invited students and young professionals in the fields of human rights and law, economics and banking, linguistics, social work, healthcare, political and environmental sciences, architecture and urban planning, international relations, sociology and cultural anthropology, communication and media.

Below, is the full list of participants in AU15:
Name Country Of Nationality
Mr Lothar SEMPER Austria
Mr Tom VAN DEN STEEN Belgium
Mr Hristo SHTEREV Bulgaria
Ms Khuth MOLIN Cambodia
Ms Yihan LI China
Mr WANG Zhaoxiong China
Ms Kristyna HIMMLEROVA Czech Republic
Ms Ida MAEGAARD Denmark
Ms Inari VIRKKALA Finland
Ms Helena LIM France
Ms Katinka ESSER Germany
Mr Sophie QUACH Germany
Ms Marianna SZABO Hungary
Mr Sofwan HAKIM Indonesia
Mr Conor O’BRIEN Ireland
Mr Valerio FOTINO Italy
Ms Misato MATSUOKA Japan
Ms KO Eun Choic Korea
Ms KIM Eun Jeong Korea
Ms JUNG Dami Korea
Name Country Of Nationality
Ms KIM Heejin Korea
Mr Souphamith NAOVALAT Laos
Ms Ilze MILLERE Latvia
Ms Krystle WONG Malaysia
Mr Pim VAN LOON Malaysia
Mr Pim VAN LOON the Netherlands
Ms Eva Marie WANG the Philippines
Ms Hender GERCIO the Philippines
Mr Michal SKRZEK Poland
Mr Jamie Jose Lopes DOS REIS Portugal
Ms Ruxandra OANCEA Romania
Ms TAN Yock Teng Singapore
Ms Gwendolyn THONG Singapore
Ms Petra ZIST Slovenia
Mr Pol FABREGA Spain
Ms Kunthida RUNGRUENGKIAT Thailand
Mr Joon Soo HA United Kingdom
Ms Vuong Khanh LY Vietnam
Mr Hung Vu DUY Vietnam
Ms Tran Viet SON Vietnam