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Education Department


Who We Are

ASEF’s Education Department (ASEFEdu) contributes to education policy dialogue and capacity building, and facilitated youth networks. Our projects strengthen collaborations between education institutions and exchanges among young people, academics and educators through interdisciplinary and pragmatic approaches. In doing so, we directly link these key players in education to the ASEM Education Process and ASEM Leaders’ Meetings.


What We Aim For

1. Create and foster sustainable networks between and among policy and decision-makers and civil society representatives to: enable the active participation of young people in society and to promote the values of citizenship facilitate the dialogue between the formal and/or non-formal educational stakeholders.

2. Provide capacity-building opportunities for actors of civil society, with a particular focus on young people and educational agents, in order to: support the exchange of knowledge and experiences on subjects of common interest through dialogue and collaborative learning empower participants to actively engage in the decision-making processes of issues affecting them.

3. Contribute to the development and enhancement of ASEM policies by submitting timely recommendations and proactive feedback from formal and non-formal education stakeholders.


ASEFEdu & ASEM Education Process

Engaging key players from 51 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) partner countries, the European Union (EU) and the ASEAN Secretariat, our projects contribute to the 4 priorities of the ASEM Education Process:

1. Quality Assurance and Recognition

2. Engaging Business and Industry in Education

3. Balanced Mobility

4. Lifelong Learning including Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Read more about our work and achievements in the brief ASEFEdu info sheet



Our Programmes

• ASEF Education Policy Programme

ASEF Rectors’ Conference and Students’ Forum (ARC)
“Official Dialogue Partner” of the ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting (ASEMME); forum for university leaders and students to discuss and shape emerging higher education trends in Asia and Europe, and engage with ministers, policy makers and business leaders.

ASEF Education Innovation Labs (ASEF InnoLabs)
Experts’ meetings to share good practices and drive innovationin tertiary education with a focus on science and technology.


• ASEF Young Leaders Programme

ASEF Young Leaders Summit (ASEFYLS)
Arena for debate and action on education and ethical leadership, where young professionals meet ASEM Leaders as well as thought and business leaders, to develop a vision for a sustainable future across Asia and Europe.

ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU)
Experiential and interdisciplinary learning at its best; 2-week project for students and young professionals to engage with local communities, governments and businesses to develop creative solutions for societal challenges.

Model ASEM
Youth conference and political simulation to enhance diplomacy, negotiation, and public-speaking skills, with the opportunity for participants to personally meet ASEM Foreign Ministers.


• ASEF Teaching and Learning Programme

ASEF Classroom Network (ASEF ClassNet)
Network for secondary, vocational and high school teachers and students to connect in person and flourish through online collaborations and intercultural exchanges.

• Across the above programmes: ASEF Capacity Trainings

Opportunity for interdisciplinary skills development for ASEM education stakeholders.


Please check out the upcoming activities by ASEFEdu on our Project Calendar.


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